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Jiayu Textile Equipment

Changle jia yu textile equipment co., LTD., established in2003Years£¬Since its establishment£¬The company is consistent£¬Pay attention to the improvement of yarn quality£¬Pursuit of stable yarn quality in new ways£¬Is the aprons£¬Rubber roller£¬And the plastic bags£¬The focus of combing roller and a series of draft equipment manufacturers¡£

Jiayou Overview
Business Introduction

Focused on production of synthetic£¬Rubber roller£¬And the plastic bags£¬Drafting of combing roller and a series of equipment£¬Power spinning enterprises improve the quality of the yarn¡£Agent distribution of various cotton spinning accessories¡¢Equipment£¬Special thing¡¢Cotton spinning equipment
Cotton and undertake the design and installation of air conditioning£¨For Shanghai aghion air-conditioning brand£©¡£





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